1 eecummings love is a place
2 robert bly when william stafford died
3 eecummings o purple finch
4 vincent van gogh starry night
5 dylan thomas poem in october
6 barbara morticella cherries
7 wallace stevens of mere being
8 eecummings i thank you
9 william stafford ritual
10 william stafford My Name is William Tell
11 pablo neruda love sonnet XI
12 kenneth patchen let us have madness
13 john cheever oh what a paradise it seems
14 eecummings enter no(silence
15 William Stafford for my young friends who are afraid
16 WW Longfellow the theologians tale
17 Pablo Neruda here i love you
18 William Stafford a face
19 William Stafford Next Time
20 John Gardner Last lines of Grendel
21 W.C.Williams this is just to say
22 Seamus Heaney Song
23 Pablo Neruda Ode to a Lemon
24 De Chirico Hector and Andromache
25 Derek Walcott Love After Love
26 Joseph Campbell + W.Stafford
27 Walt Whitman As I ebb'd with the ocean of life
28 Sylvia Plath Frog Autumn
29 William Stafford An Archival print
30 Gary Snyder Riprap
31 Sharon Olds A Week Later
32 Jane Hirshfield Optimism
33 Ezra Pound Canto XLV With Usura
34 W.C. Williams Danse Russe
35 Jane Hirshfield Lying
36 eec without the mercy of
37 William Stafford from Dream of Now
38 eec christ but they're few
39 Pablo Neruda The Fickle One
40 Dylan Thomas Prologue

41 Navaho Night Way Chant
42 Neruda In the Center of the Earth
43 Mary Oliver The Journey
44 Neruda I do not love you ...
45 Frog
46 eec my mind is
47 Kay Swenson Question
48 Swallow
49 Matthew Arnold Dover Beach
50 A.R.Ammons The City Limits
51 William Bronk The Smile On The Face Of A Kouros
52 Willam Bronk Metonymy as an Approach to a Real World
53 Willam Bronk from At Tikal
54 Willam Bronk At Tikal
55 Wm Stafford Security
56 A.R.Ammons Gravelly Run
57 Keats Ode on a Grecian Urn
58 Jane Hirshfield The Envoy
59 William Stafford It's All Right
60 Charles Bukowski The Bluebird
61 Dylan Thomas The Force that through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower
62 eec now i lay
63 W.C. Bryant Thanatopsis
64 A.R.Ammons Morning Glory
65 A.R.Ammons Empty
66 A.R.Ammons I Could Not Be Here At All
67 Jane Hirshfield Within This Tree
68 Jane Hirshfield The Love of Aged Horses
70 Richard Eberhart The Groundhog
71 Mary Oliver Wild Geese
72 Robert Hayden Those Winter Sundays
73 W.C.Williams Blizzard
74 Wendell Berry What we need is here
75 Yehuda Amichai A Man in his Life
76 Mary Oliver A Summer Day
77 Robinson Jeffers Hurt Hawks
78 Pablo Neruda In the night we shall go in
79 William Bronk The Aria
80 A.R.Ammons World
81 Jane Hirshfield Woman In Red Coat
82 Wendell Berry Sabbaths VIII
83 tw+fas Anniversary
84 FAS Birthday
85 A.R.Ammons The Watch
86 William Bronk Loew's World
87 Mary Oliver In Blackwater Woods
88 William Bronk The Outcry
89 Steven Dunn Choosing to Think of It
90 Margaret Atwood Habitation
91 Galway Kinnell Wait
92 A. Ammons Giving up Words with Words
93 Anne Sexton The Civil War
94 Adrienne Rich In Those Years
95 A.R. Ammons Eyesight
96 A.R. Ammons Mansion
97 Wendell Berry The Wild
98 Mary Oliver When Death Comes
99 Jane Hirshfield Speed and Perfection
100 W.C.Williams To Waken an Old Lady
101 Gary Snyder Smokey The Bear Sutra
102 eec yes is a pleasant country
103 Pablo Neruda The Heavenly Poets
104 Pablo Neruda Stones of the Sky
105 Mary Oliver The Sun
106 Pablo Neruda Ode to the Present
107 Mary Oliver Egrets